Model WP-20 label applicator

A semiautomatic tabletop wipe-on label applicator. Applies labels to a wide variety of flat objects.

Key features

  • Electric motor advances labels. Motor is footswitch activated and light sensor controlled. Labels are held on the machine for the operator to apply by wiping onto an article.
  • Can label flat articles of any size. The only limitation is that the user must be able to pick up the article and wipe the label onto it.
  • Ideal for labeling cartons, square bottles, CD/DVD cases and clamshell containers.
  • Can apply labels that wrap around corners. Very useful for cartons and clamshell containers.
  • Liner paper is rewound for easy disposal
  • Optional digital counter available.


  • label supply roll – max 10” diameter, 3” core ID
  • label length :
    • 5 1/8” to 7 1/2” with 4” channels
    • 7 1/8” to 9 1/2” with 6” channels
    • 9 1/8” to 11 1/2” with 8” channel
  • label width: 1 1/2" min, 5 3/4" max
  • Die cut labels with a minimum 1/8” gap between labels
  • Durable steel and aluminum construction. Powder coated finish.
  • Electric: 120V AC
  • Approx. Weight: 36 pounds

Abilities and Limitations

  • Can apply square, rectangular, oval and round labels.
  • Contact us if your labels have unusual cutout shapes or are made from very flexible material such as plastic film (BOPP) or acetate. Labels require some stiffness to work properly in our machines.
model WP20, a benchtop semiautomatic wipe-on label applicator

Starting at $1,840

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