How New Path label applicators work

Machines for applying labels to flat objects are expensive. They are expensive because the mechanisms they use to apply labels are costly to build. Tamp type applicators require expensive pnumatic controls to hold on to a label. Wipe-on type applicators use complex feed controls to apply labels as the labels are removed from the backing paper. Our applicators handle labels differently.

manual ht20 tamp label applicator, semiautomatic AT20 tamp label applicator, wipe-on WP20 label applicator

Our Labeling System

Up til now, manufacturers of label applicators have almost universally stayed away from touching the adhesive side of a label because - well - labels stick to things. You can't apply a label that is stuck to the machine that is applying it. We figured out a way to avoid the sticking problem. We designed a channel shape that has some unique properties. You can slide a label down our channel and the sticky side of the label wont stick to it. This ability makes applying labels so much easier for us. And that translates to a less expensive label applicator for you!

We currently have three label applicator models that use our patented channel slide technology and more are coming. If you are tired of hand applying labels, please Contact Us to discuss how our label applicators can work for you!