a revolutionary new way to apply labels to flat objects

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At New Path, we make benchtop label applicators. Our label applicators apply labels to flat and nearly flat objects.

Products like: boxes, bags, lids, square and oval bottles.

All our machines use our revolutionary channel slide technology. This patented technology allows us to build machines that are unmatched for their affordability and versatility.

Look at some things our machines can do.
About our Applicators

Channel slide applicators have some unique abilities

  • No compressor needed. Tamp applicators typically require compressed air to operate. Not ours.

  • line
  • Wrap labels around corners. An easy task with our wipe-on applicator.

  • line
  • Label large objects. Our wipe-on applicator can label anything you can pick up.

  • line
  • Labeling recessed surfaces. Our finger applicator pad can press labels down where others can't reach.